Bill Littman, Chief Instigator 

As the Chief Instigator, I'm thinking about solving wicked problems critically, from different perspectives so that we can maximize time, energy and opportunity. 

I manage the implementation and execution of product and technology related activities to provide an e-learning platform for universities, incubators, and institutions cultivating entrepreneurship programs and small business solutions

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I believe in the philosophy of Social Evolution at the hands of ever evolving Technology--- for the betterment of humanity.  I'm attracted to "Idea Makers" who have an amazing capacity to see the world of infinite possibilities. As a lead software engineer, I'm responsible for developing and programming the technology that transforms ideas into reality. 

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Throughout my life, I have been passionate about fueling innovation and creating transformational experiences for people. I am a CEO and Executive with over 15 years of proven leadership, innovation, and food business execution experience.  

Ability to successfully develop consumer ideas in food and wellness into scalable business opportunities within early stage ventures and fortune 500 companies.

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We're a passionate group of professionals who are ready to launch the next generation of scalable Food-Based  initiatives that leverage sustainable, healthy and digital/mobile strategies. 

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